Monday, March 16, 2009

Where I spend my time....

Anyone who knows me well knows that I am a total hermit. I wasn't always this way but because of some anxiety and health issues this is what I have become. I don't mind it so much really. I love my home and I love being in it and I'm fortunate enough to work full-time from my home!
So here you go~ an inside look at the places in my home where I spend a great deal of my time. I'm sharing photos of two rooms inside my home... one is my "office"/workroom and the other is my laundry room/resin lab!

I may be a hermit but I'm not totally alone all day! I have my two babies.... JoJo an 8 year-old min-pin and my 14 year-old pekingese Bianca! I seriously do not know what I would do without them. They really do keep me company while my hubby is away at work!


apparentlyjessy said...

Baaaaw! I want a work space like yours...I neeeeed as much glitter as you have!!! So inspiring :)
And the puppie dogs are adorable too - pets are great companions hey!

ZenGirlie said...

Holy crapfest. I have anxiety issues too. This explains my hermit issues. I love your art and photography. Hey, the blog is pretty freakin' cool too. Love the colors. So lomo-esque!

Hope to see a lot of neat stuff on your blog.

My blog isn't nearly as good as yours, but here it is:

Andrea said...

OH MY GOD! I love your work space! And the pups, too cute! It's like an extravaganza of colour!

jeannie wray said...

Man what a fun land I want to play in that room!

And those darn cute dogs!

I really enjoyed this blog
May be cause My fav color is pink lol!

thriftalina said...

i too am a hermit, I wish I had a pet, I get to stare out the window and see a bunch of mean, feral cats!
I also have health issues and am totally ok with never leaving the house. I wish there was still real grocery delivery! lol
its truly sad, but when I tweet things like "I want someone to come over and play" I actually mean it.
I wish you and all the fun crafty ladies lived closeby so we could have a slumber party.
ok, insomnia. off to bed now.
its awesome to find your blog Kim!
-angelina aka pbomb

PixieVonAzia said...

You know I have a problem with my glitter dropping straight to the bottom. Do you add like a whole tube off glitter for it to not float?

Love the dogs by the way :)