Sunday, March 15, 2009


Back in the fall of last year I discovered a book on Flickr titled WRECK THIS JOURNAL by Keri Smith. So I headed over to Amazon and ordered one for $10. And let me tell you.... this was maybe the best ten bucks I ever spent! I had the time of my life "wrecking" mine. I feel guilty though because I was on a roll with it for awhile... doing pages every day... and then I just quit. I really would like to pick my book up and finish it soon. I am hoping that now that spring is around the corner I will be inspired to complete all of the tasks inside. Once I finish the book I might even want to start a new one and try out some different things in it.


Lost Star said...

I finished one copy and started another. I have pretty much not done any for a month now - having issues finding the time!

Even looking at these photos I remember how they inspired me to buy a copy! :)

Q.Q. Kachoo said...

I love the copy I got for Christmas, but I haven't had much time to properly wreck it either (my studio is still not finished, SIGH). Your pics are so inspirational, I think you have the most flair of any journal wrecker I've seen. :^)

apparentlyjessy said...

Your pictures on Flickr inspired me to order one for myself and one for my sister. I began it with great gusto, then forgot about it! I think I might start carrying it around with me in my handbag, then if I find myself in a boring/waiting situation I will be able to occupy myself!
I would love to see you finish it!!!