Friday, March 13, 2009


Just wanted to give my readers a little update on a few new things I have recently added to my Etsy shop! I plan on doing a big update on some new items throughout the weekend. So keep your eyes peeled for some new bling coming at you!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

OH~ Don't forget to enter my 1st ever blog giveaway if you have not already entered!

Playing Your Song print

SugarBear resin necklace

Skully resin necklace

DooDoo resin necklace

And a few other things about FOOD!!!!!~

I got my Bangerang cupcake in the mail yesterday. OMG the new Shamrock Caker cupcake is seriously to die for!!!!!!! It totally blew me away.

I had a poopy day the other day and Joe brought me a Sonic banana split. If you like Dairy Queen's banana split you will love Sonic's!!!

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