Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Before pink became my favorite color... it was green! I have always felt a connection with pistachio. When I was a little girl me and my younger sis used to help my grandma make instant pistachio pudding. It was our favorite thing to eat! Yummy pistachio brings back so many memories with my grandma! I miss her so much.

Check out at all this yummy pistachio goodness!

Pistachios Pistachio Pudding Dreamy Body Mist
and vegan Yummy Lip Conditioner Set


Shamrock Caker
Cupcake In A Jar Bangerang Bake Shop

Pistachio Bundt Cake Goats Milk Soap kimberquinn

Macarons (Flavors: Chocolate, Pistachio, Raspberry, Lemon) MadMacNYC


smilemonsters said...

I have that lip conditioner and I love it! I also have a big jar of pistachios on the counter that my dad brought to me over the weekend. I've been munching on them ever since! Mmmmmmm


stOOpidgErL said...

I love elladean's stuff! I have the lip conditioner and the mist. I'm totally addicted to it! :O) Everything she makes is so yummy! I wish she made soap too~ I'd buy it.