Thursday, March 26, 2009

for the ladies

Hello ladies! I went to my yearly checkup today at the gyno... joy joy!! I'm glad that's done and over with.... whew! So in honor of the female parts today I'm going to feature some goodies I found on Etsy for the ladies.

Aunt Flo tampon case
(this is soooooooo cute and funny!!)


The Britney a little zipper pouch that looks like pussy lips... neato!

sugar skull pantyliners.... the coolest, hippest pads around!
Her pads are so cool they make me want to get brave enough to actually try them... I just might someday soon!

The Pink Pinani (Prick Cushion)

vagina pendant necklace

bloody tampon catnip toy... so clever!

uterus panties
Violet The Vulva aceo card


Anonymous said...

I'm long overdue...isn't that pathetic, ridiculous and terrible of me? Runs to make an appointment....

Jessica Doyle said...

Thanks for posting Violet the Vulva.

My next check-up at the Gyno isn't 'til this fall.

Love The Pink Pinani!

stOOpidgErL said...

Indy Grrrl~ I was way behind too. I think my last one was two years ago!

Q.Q.Kachoo said...

Those reusable panty liners are AWESOME! If I didn't still live with my parents (and therefore share a washing machine with my dad, YEEEK), I'd buy some. *puts them on Etsy shopping list*

Then again, he'll buy pads for me from the store if he's out running errands and I forgot to get some, so maybe he wouldn't mind. X^) OKAY, I'LL STOP TALKING NOW.