Thursday, January 31, 2008

ETSY fresh!

I added a couple of brand spankin' new super-colorful super-duper items to my shop yesterday!
A resin sprinkles pin with denture partials dangling AND a print of a photo that I shot at a local flea-market. I'm really dang proud of the pin! I've never seen anything like it before and I was really thinking outside the box on that one! It may not have mass-appeal... but that's fine with me! Can't please everyone all the time... right?!?
***New necklaces coming soon!*** Enjoy!

Keep Eating All Those Sweets And Soon You Will Need These Dentures

Resin Sprinkles Pin

If you are going to indulge in those candy and sweets you gotta brush and floss those teeth!!

I created this unique pin by embedding real rainbow candy sprinkles inside resin.
Dangling from this candy-bar you will find a partial denture reminding you to keep your teeth free from cavities!
This charm (the teeth) are hard to find. Consider yourself lucky if you are able to snag one of these sweet pins! I only have a limited supply of the teeth on hand.

Double Bubble Dirtmall Gumball - Fine Art Print

This vibrant photograph of a giant gumball machine was shot at a local flea-market (aka: dirtmall). The image was shot inside the food court and if you look closely in the background you will see one leg up in a wheelchair too at one of the booths. :O)


Wendy Reed said...

Hey fellow Etsian! :)

I love your stuff... it makes me smile!

AWESOME photo too... how do you get that border? Did you purchase it somewhere! I have been looking for one just like that FOREVER!!!

Thanks & Smiles,

Keys and Memories said...

Love the new pin :) Elizabeth