Saturday, March 8, 2008

Lucy In The Sky With Cupcakes

Who needs diamonds when you can have CUPCAKES?!?!!!!
I just released a new necklace in my ETSY shop today... Lucy In The Sky With Cupcakes!! Lately I'm all about dangling things off my pendants. :O) I love the thought of adding some sort of extra element to my necklaces... gluing things on too (like I did with my All Dolled Up necklace).

I've been brainstorming all sorts of new ideas the past week. I had a bit of a slow week in my shop which was sort of a good thing... I needed a short break- desperately!
So be on the lookout for plenty of new bling... and I'll let you all in on a little secret... lots of new molds have been ordered... which means- new shapes! Yay!

I also added some new mermaid pendants to my shop which both sold out in no time at all! I was shocked!!! I'll be making more though... so don't worry!

Rainbow Mermaid

Deep Sea Treasures


Tizzalicious said...

I love what you did with the dangling heart :)

Tanya Pshenychny said...

I haven't realized you had a blog. Everything here is just so colorful and fun.