Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Unidentified Flying Sprinkles - oh my!

AVAILABLE in my ETSY shop!

You knew it was coming! A sprinkles bracelet was coming your way- finally after all this time! I had created a sprinkles bracelet earlier this year that was made entirely of resin (bangle) but it was godawful uncomfortable! The molds that Sheri Haab sells on her website for bracelets are horrible! I had bought a good size from her and even with small wrists and not-so-big hands the bangles that her molds produce are horrid! Plus- the bracelet mold that Haab sells eats up a lot of resin.

SO kiddies.... I MADE THIS! Doesn't it just remind you of UFOs?!?

This is a 17.5" silver-plated bracelet that is adorned with 6- 1" REAL candy sprinkles resin gems. Each round resin gem is filled with 3 different types of sprinkles: big rainbow balls, rainbow sticks, and tiny rainbow dots. The shape of these charms reminds me of little flying saucers! These babies are full to the brim with sugary sweet rainbow goodness that is sure to satisfy your sweet-tooth!


Vintage Blue Studio said...

That's awesome! BTW the resin-filled sprinkle bottle pendants are the best! I may just have to "treat" myself to one!


deannaburasco said...

Kick a$$ bracelet! It looks a lot more comfy than those bangle things.