Tuesday, March 17, 2009

PINK! is for dogs

we're having a lazy day

My pooch, Bianca, would just adore all of the pinkalicous dog goodies. Look at all these sweet lil pink things I found on Etsy for your precious little pup!
♥ There is no need to go to Petco or Petsmart. I go there quite often to get things for my dogs but I think that might be coming to an end soon... this stuff I found on Etsy is total eye candy for dogs!

every dog needs a cozy bed!
eep! I love this cupcake collar codyscreations
every dog would look so precious in this lollipop sundress! miascloset
for the toy lover!
jakeybb the coolest leash/harness I have ever seen... walk you dog in style! anniessweatshop

all sorts of homemade sweet treats for your good little dog in this shop!


Christine said...

OMG I am totally obsessed with that pink/zebra print doggy bed!

Actually, if you put zebra print on anything, I will be obsessed with it. :)

Love your blog/Etsy shop!

♥ xtine

stOOpidgErL said...

I am totally obsessed with it too and I'm so tempted to get it for my peke. ahhhhhhhh!

halley said...

omg i love all of it !!!!!