Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Yummy Etsy Finds

Banana Split Necklace

I recently decided to make my faves on Etsy private... sorry girls! :O(
Here I am now sharing some of my lovely finds on Etsy!
These are some yummy ones so grab a spork and dig in.

Let Them Eat Cake (print)
Created by: boopsiedaisy

Jelly Donut Lip Conditioner and Room Spray

Created by: elladean
(btw...this room spray is delicious... I have some and you can also use it as a body spray. YUM!)

Candy Colored Cupcake Marie Antoinette Necklace

Created by: victorianbustle

Ice Cream Cone Special Edition Hair Combs
Created by: StickyKitten

Bunny Kurousa in whipped cream Necklace

Created by: YuraPockyLover

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Omg Lia said...

ooooh you have good taste!