Saturday, April 26, 2008

In the BoopsieDaisy Blog!

This morning I woke up and read a convo by ETSY seller and Flickr-whore BOOPSIEDAISY. She ordered a Triple-Sweet ring from me a few weeks ago and just received it. Me, being her number one fan, had to create something *extra* special for her... so I made her a custom Boopsie necklace. I'm so glad she loves it and I'm so honored that she ordered some of my resin bling. I'm pretty sure I pissed myself with excitement when I saw the order from her too! Thank you soooooooooooo much BoopsieDaisy!

I also ordered one of her super-duper awesome handmade dolls last weekend- Dunkin Donna. I am super excited about owning one of her handmade creations... totally thrilled. :O)

Love, stoopidgerl


boopsiedaisy said...

Hey Kimmy! I'm making a promise to myself right now to stop lurking at your blog & start commenting instead! :)

Also, I guess I can officially cross landing in your blog off my dream list of desires! What a trip to see you speaking of me here! You've trying so hard to give me a big head lately & well, I must confess the size of it has seen some growth today after seeing this!

In all seriousness though, your support has been invaluable to me & seeing you become such a widely known artist has truly kept me spellbound & inspired!

Dunkin' Donna is going to have multiple orgasms upon the opening of her package, when she looks around & realizes where she is? She might even have heart failure! And that goes for Oliver, too! And as for me & my ring? Well, lets just say thank God it doesn't produce an odor to keep a piece of jewelry on for long lengths of time, otherwise I'm sure my hand would start to smell bad over time! With the exception of showering, I can't seem to bring myself to take the gorgeous bugger off!

Love you so much stOOpie!


Always Amy said...

I love your new stuff! :) I can't wait to see more!